12 Nov

Here's an online tutorial answering a common need for many businesses in regards to basic Lockout/ Tagout awareness. Once you finish this free tutorial, be certain to take Free Lockout / Tagout quiz to gauge how much you've learned. There are no correct answers, just as long as you are at least somewhat familiar with Lockouts. In the tutorial, there are several Lockout scenarios that include various locking methods and the solutions associated with them.

What is a Lockout? A Lockout is a situation where an employee has locked out of the office or building. The key that was used to gain access will often be left behind in the locked office. This then becomes a hazardous situation that requires trained employees to react quickly to ensure the employee's safety.
So how do we know when we have an emergency like this? An Lockout is characterized by one of three possible outcomes: immediate lock-out removal of personnel, temporary closure of the facility while maintenance takes place, or the facility will remain closed until an agreed upon amount of time has passed. For businesses, it's important to establish and maintain a safe and secure environment. The purpose of a hazardous energy control program (HECP) is to provide the necessary tools and training to employees for a particular situation, but it can also be used to prevent Lockouts in the first place. 

A common solution for a Lockout is establishing and maintaining a high visibility presence in the area around the facility. Using signage and hazard signs, we can communicate to the general public about the hazards that may be present and the measures that must be taken in order to protect the public.
How do we use Lockout Tag Out Training Videos? Using Lockout Tag Out (LTO) video could be the perfect solution to help our personnel learn how to safely use and maintain the machinery that is essential to safely and successfully perform their job duties. The purpose of using a lock out tag out training  Training Video is two fold; one, to provide instruction on using the machinery, and two, to help the public understand the hazard that is presented by using this machinery. When many people see these Lockout Tag Out Training Videos they become aware of the importance of safely maintaining the machinery that surrounds them. Once the public becomes aware of the potential dangers and risks of using or operating any type of dangerous machinery, more people will be willing to follow the rules and regulations and hire professionals to perform their job duties instead of doing it themselves.

The Lockout Tag Out training video can also be used to reinforce the rules and regulations of the facility. For example, the Lockout Tag Out Training Video can be used to reinforce the hazard of working around hazardous energy sources. By using the LTO video the facility managers and supervisors can show employees how using equipment that does not have locking features when locked can cause serious damage to themselves and the facility as a whole. This type of damage could lead to injuries, permanent and/or temporary disabling of the equipment, loss of production, loss of revenues and in extreme cases even death. This tragic event could have been avoided if the employees involved in the production did not work around the dangerous energy sources in question. Here is more information about these services.

The LTO video will teach the workers how to safely work around hazardous and potentially deadly energy sources by showing them how to disengage from the equipment when they are locked. The video will also illustrate to the audience in clear detail the importance of proper locking, proper use of the locking device and emergency procedures for use when the LOS or lock out key is released. These important lessons are necessary to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the LOs and other hazardous machinery. The importance of having a solid knowledge base of proper locking techniques and emergency procedures is just as important as having a fool proof system to identify dangerous situations. The Lockout Tag Out training video is the perfect solution to a team of operators who are not familiar with the best practices to use when unlocking the doors of these types of machines. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here:

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